Monday, February 28, 2011

When Jan Jan and Pop come to town...

A fashion show is sure to be had! :) We had such a great time with Jana and Russell this past weekend! It was way too short, but wonderful! John David's cousin, Ann, is getting married in Seaside in a little over a month and we could NOT be more excited!!! So, Jana brought some PRECIOUS dresses for Lyla to try on for the wedding, and of course she looked adorable in every single one! So, here you go, fashion show with Lyla...

(she loved twirling in each of the dresses!)

Such a little angel!!
You'll just have to wait till the wedding to see which ones we picked! :)

We spent a lot of time playing guitars and singing...and by "we", I mean John David, Jana, and Benji. I spent a lot of time thoroughly enjoying it. :)

Oh yeah. Lyla played along as well.

And, of course Jan Jan and Pop just soaked up time with Lyla:

Even playing in their pretend "house" under the table :)
Jan Jan and Pop, thanks so much for making the trip down!!
We love y'all so much!!

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  1. Ahh! Lyla is SO cute! And, you're looking hot with that straight hair. ;)