Saturday, March 26, 2011

Baby Shepherd is here!!!

My friend, Aubrey, had her sweet baby boy at 3:26 this morning and we are already in love with him!! And, let me just say that Aubrey is a ROCKSTAR when it comes to birthing children. She chose to have an all-natural at-home birth, and it was such an amazing thing to witness and be a part of. She and Josh were supposed to meet us for dinner last night, along with the Henrys and Younts, but they didn't show up because she started having contractions and was going into labor...pretty good excuse to miss dinner if you ask me. So, the 6 of us asked if we could stop by and see her after dinner and she said yes! So, we headed over TO HER HOUSE, and she answers the door, just as perky and beautiful as ever. She just hangs out and chats with us for a couple hours, while she has contractions every 3 minutes. Literally, just calmly breathed her way through them and then kept on chatting! As we all hung out in her living room! I couldn't believe it! We had to go home to put Lyla down, but got the text at 3:30 am that he made it safely!! We headed back over there today to meet the sweet boy and congratulate super mom...


Just hanging out at her house...after giving birth THIS MORNING!

This is the first time Lyla has not gotten jealous over us holding a newborn...she loved him, and kept pointing and saying "baby"! :)

Rockstar Mom.

Congratulations Josh and Aubrey!! We are SO thrilled for y'all! And, Shepherd, we love you so much! Welcome to the world!! :)


  1. good for her!!! way to go. that is just awesome and hopefully the way our kids will be born!!

  2. I'm sitting here in amazement looking at the pics of Aubrey just hanging out at home after having a BABY!!