Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bachelor Watch Party!!

The highly anticipated Bachelor Finale was last night, so we had a group of fellow Bachelor Addicts over to see who Brad would pick...because the entire fun of watching this show is watching it with a group so that we can all laugh (and cry, for some of us) at it together. And it was a fun group, indeed. See for yourself...

The anticipation was killing us.

Nerves on end...who will he pick???
(please be Emily!)

YAY!!!! He picks EMILY!!!!!
(this was a genuine action shot!)

Allen, acting like he's upset over the decision, just to stir up some friendly controversy.
(he clearly has never watched the show this season, or else he would have been more excited over his choice.)

Meanwhile, the true Bachelor fans (me and Richard) are pumped

Here's to hoping they actually last more than 6 months!!
Thank you, ABC, for providing us with some great entertainment this Bachelor season!!
(the most controversial, dramatic season ever!!)


  1. Oh man, I totally would have crashed your Bachelor watch party! I hope you read LC's blog...she recaps every episode, and it's HILARIOUS. If only we lived closer, I think you and I would be even greater friends.

  2. am i the only one that wonders what kind of a mom leaves her daughter to be on the bachelor????!!????? i'm sorry to rain on your parade! haha but i didnt follow the show all season so maybe she mentioned it.

  3. Mindy, I have been following your blog pretty much daily and I must say, you are keeping me entertained! I soooo would have been sucked into the Bachelor again, but I no longer get cable service, but I bet I would have been for Emily as well. I think we always liked the same people!

  4. But what did you think of ATFR? And of Emily's much cuter look there? And of the couples' intervention? And of Brad's total ineptitude as a human being?