Saturday, March 12, 2011

Fit 4 Christ

On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, I go to a workout class called Fit 4 Christ from 8:30-9:30 am. As cheesy as the name of it sounds, I absolutely LOVE it!! The girl who leads it pushes me so much harder than I would ever attempt on my own. She starts the morning with a little devotional and prayer time, and then kicks our booties. It's awesome. AND the best part...there's free child care! And Lyla LOVES it!!! She gets so excited on the mornings we go, and as soon as we pull into that parking lot she starts saying "friends" and getting really excited. She really is such a little social butterfly AND super independent!! As soon as I start getting her out of the car, she says "backpack. walk." And, let me tell you, from the place we park and check in to where I take her for childcare is a LONG walk, and she will not let me hold her. So, I have to get there about 15 minutes early to account for the long walk to childcare. She stops at every animal painting on the wall and says the animal sounds, etc. And whenever I pick her up, it's the same thing...she says "bye bye" and "thank you" to her teachers and then it's "backpack. walk." all the way to the car. As I looked through my phone last night, I realized that I had so many picture from all different days of her walking to the car. Every time, I just can't help getting my phone out to snap a picture because she just looks so cute and so big walking with her little backpack on. So, here she is...Miss Independent herself:

{please notice her little moccasins in this pic...they were a Christmas gift from Lydia, our babysitter. How sweet and cute are they?? And also notice that she could care less that I'm not close by. Such a big kid.}

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