Thursday, March 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Hillis!

John David's friend, Jordan Hillis, turned 30 this past weekend. I cannot believe we are all getting this old!! I feel like I should still be a little high school cheerleader. But that's beside the point. We drove to Texarkana this past weekend for a surprise crawfish boil for Jordan and obviously a great excuse to spend some time with family there!! We had the best time!!

At the party...the Fayetteville crew that came in town for it:
My cute hubby dominating some crawfish:
The birthday boy:
The dudes:
The entertainment:
(and I'm referring to the CUTIES who danced the entire time!!)

The party was obviously a blast, but the BEST part was getting to be with John David's family. {I'm going to take this moment to apologize to all my T-town friends we didn't get to see...between the party and family-time we had no extra minutes. please don't be mad at me.} :)
We enjoyed both Saturday and Sunday mornings out on Jan Jan and Pop's patio. The weather could not have been more perfect.

Lyla wanted to be on the phone just like Jan Jan:

"Daddy, this news is shocking!!!"

"I think I'll just stick to the funnies."


  1. seriously mindy. you have the cutest kid ever. the photos never get old! :)

  2. Shew, I know what you mean by feeling like you should be in Highschool. Me too!! Looks like a great party & you have the cutest kiddos every :)

  3. Seriously!!!!!!!!! I'm so mad!!! I want to see y'all!!!! I think I'm coming to fay next week! To pick up a new car! Can I play or stay with y'all or something?!?? Miss you!