Monday, March 28, 2011

playing catch up...

So many cute, random pictures from the past couple weeks that I must share...a little glimpse into our days lately:

Last Saturday night, we cooked dinner over at Patrick and Margot's:
While Margot and I cooked, Lyla just hung out with Remington:
(if I haven't mentioned it before, the girl is obsessed with dogs!!)

She took a little break from sitting by Remi to play with these fun lights...
And then we chowed down on this yumminess...

Like Father, Like Daughter...
All dressed up and ready for church Sunday morning:
But, first let me get sugars from Daddy...
Read my Blues Clues book...
and snuggle with Mama...
(this was actually me comforting her after a meltdown...a common thing these days.)
My Young Lives girl, Jessica, had her baby on Saturday night! So, we went over there yesterday to meet sweet Elizabeth:
And Allen and Meg got engaged, so after meeting baby Elizabeth, we headed to their surprise engagement party. YAY!!!!

On St. Patty's Day, we celebrated the end of our Paleo Challenge with some pizza and green beer at Mellow Mushroom:
Lyla was so happy to see us ordering cheese bread again:

And now, for just some random cuteness...

helping Katie and Andrew paint their new house:

This is the pitiful whiny face I see often these days:
The life of an 18 month old is just so hard. :)


  1. That last picture needs to be entered in a contest!! I'm pretty sure I've never seen a cuter sad face!!! Missing you already Fee Fee!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo!

  2. Ugh... she is just too cute for words! And that poster of Allen is killing me!!! I'm coming in 2 weeks, and Harper and Lyla must play together!

  3. um, that last picture needs to be on a postcard! seriously, she is SO freaking cute!