Monday, March 7, 2011

Sunday afternoon at Wilson Park

We had a very low-key and fun weekend here in Fayetteville...lots of eating out with friends, game nights at our house, a baby shower on Saturday followed by a movie with girlfriends. We ended the weekend with a wonderful and lunch with fun friends, and then a playdate at Wilson Park after Lyla's afternoon nap! Although it's still pretty chilly outside, we are going to go ahead and just pretend Spring has arrived! Lyla is not bothered by the cold one bit and had a blast just zipping around the playground from one thing to the next...busy little girl!

"Oh, HI Daddy!! I see you down there!"


{this is our new friend, Meg. Lyla loves her and so do we.}

{love that static-hair after a trip down the slide!}

It's getting a bit more chilly...time for a hat and some dried apricots!

Our little skater chick.

holding hands with sweet.

No better way to end some bigtime playing than on Daddy's shoulders...except for maybe some Sassy's BBQ!

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