Monday, April 11, 2011

Ann and Kent's Wedding: Part 1 (Meet and Greet)

We just returned from the most amazing weekend in Seaside, Florida for John David's cousin, Ann's, Wedding! This wedding was extra special because John David and I got married in Seaside as well, and it just so happened to fall on our 5 year anniversary weekend! So, we got to relive the best weekend of our entire lives all over again! :)

Over the weekend, I took 850 pictures (!!) so I'm going to obviously have to break the weekend up into different sections and I'll TRY and narrow down the amount of pictures to a few (ok, a LOT) of my faves. :)

We arrived on Thursday and Uncle Joe and Aunt Julie hosted a "Meet and Greet" for all the guests at the house they rented. Ann and Kent live in New York, and Kent is from New Jersey, while the rest of us are from, there were people (and accents) from all over the country there to celebrate the occasion!
me and John David with the happy couple! :)

a sad attempt at a family pic

Lyla and Maggie...these 2 were such little buddies ALL weekend! :)

John David has the most gorgeous mom and sister!!

Aunt Julie getting the yummy spread ready!

And let the dancing begin!

Lyla's so sweet to share her veggies with Jan Jan.

3 generations

I'll just help myself to a cupcake. thank you.

"I'll give you all the kisses you want if you keep feeding me that cupcake."

The cool air from the vent plus the dessert table made this a great spot for 7 month preggers. She just hung out here all night:

Told you: 2 peas. 1 pod.

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