Monday, April 11, 2011

Ann and Kent's Wedding: Part 2 (Anniversary and Beach Day)

Friday was our anniversary and my Dad's birthday (Happy Birthday Dad!). John David and I walked down to the Pavilion where we got married and reminisced about the amazing day it was...

the stairs my Dad walked me down :)

Even more in love now than we were back then!!

of course we had to celebrate with some ice cream!

And a day on the beach with this little cutie...
stopping to get kisses from a puppy

"bye bye puppy! Time to go to the beach!"

Digging a hole with Daddy and John William

could have played in the sand ALL day long. Loved it.

just chillin'.

some of my favorite pi phi friends were in Seaside as well for a bachelorette party! It was such a treat to get to see them!! Their chairs were right next to us on the beach! :)

someone's getting sleepy!

so we'll head home and take a nap with Daddy before the Rehearsal Dinner!

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