Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ann and Kent's Wedding: Part 5 (wedding!!)


  1. i have LOVED all of these posts!!!! what a great family!!! and the wedding was beautiful! and lyla - i mean, i still can't get over how precious!!! her on the beach is just too cute!! (again - i can NOT believe i have never seen that sweet baby in person!) - looks like y'all had a wonderful trip. and happy anniversary!!!

  2. sooo adorable...all of it!! what a gorgeous wedding, fun family, and ADORABLE little girl you have. truly, could she be any cuter?!?! love it!! this gives me hope cuz logan (my 2 yr. old) is going to be a ring bearer in a couple weeks...hope he looks as adorable as lyla (in a boy kind of way!!) and girl...you are one HOT mama...looking good!!! :)