Sunday, April 3, 2011

Another great weekend at the Ranch!

Friday night, we went out to the Ranch to celebrate Clay's 30th birthday and decided to make a full weekend of it! We just got back after a great time with great friends!!

Somehow John David and I scored the Master Suite...this place gets cuter and cuter every time we go! Lacey has done an unbelievable job decorating it:
Here's Lyla "pretending" to sleep. Margot and Micah would say, "Lyla, time to go night night!" and she would climb onto the bed, say "night night" and then pretend to snore! haha! This little girl cracks us up!
We did a WHOLE LOT of this right here...
the weather could not have been more perfect.

John David and I ran shuttle for the kidless couples to float the river on Saturday.
(talk about torture...we wanted to go so bad! But opted to hang out at the ranch with Lyla and the other kiddos! We still had a GREAT time!)

Remi with a flower on his head and Margot with a cute baby bump:

"Mama, please take me on the river!! I'm ready!"

"bye bye everybody! have fun!"

Meanwhile, back at the Ranch...
we threw lots of rocks!

and hung out with our friends!

not so sure why these three are so serious in this pic.
they kinda look like they are up to something.

a serious game of baggo

clean babies!
and now time for a movie while the grown ups eat dinner...
Even Aunt Barbie and Josh came with one week old Shepherd!!!
SUCH a treat!!! We soaked up this precious little one!!!!
Sunday morning...longing to be outside again:
So we got dressed and joined Daddy on the front porch.
Highlight of the weekend!
The 3 of us spent over an hour out there just soaking up God's beautiful creation.

giving knucks:
(her current favorite thing to do)
throwing more rocks:
and dancing:

Lyla and Shepherd's first kiss!

And this girl was OUT in about .02 seconds on the car ride home.
Mid apple.

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