Thursday, April 14, 2011

FIESTA for Baby Harris!!

Wednesday night, we threw a couples shower for Patrick and Margot. It was such a gorgeous night and all the kiddos had a blast playing outside while the adults chowed down on Mexican food. We are SO excited for this sweet baby boy to get here in a couple months!!

me and just a few of my prego friends! So excited to meet all these babies!!

Lyla loving on baby Harris

sweet little girls...Lyla is eyeing those cupcakes

striking a pose while she gets some ice

Pinata time!!

All these kids were SO fired up to see candy spill from the pinata...

Can you imagine their disapointment when these baby items poured out? haha...
But Lyla wasn't disappointed one bit!! She ran STRAIGHT for the passy and stuck it right in her mouth! haha! Better than candy!
Time to open gifts...
Margot is obsessed with polar bears!
A super cute car seat blanket...Margot looks unsure about all these baby things! haha!

Little sailor boy

How ADORABLE are these hostess gifts?!? All the things Margot's been "craving", and the new Tim Keller book! Our favorite!!

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