Tuesday, April 26, 2011

He is Risen!!

Sunday morning, we got to go to Watermark with my family...I absolutely can't say enough good things about this church. It was such a treat to be there for Easter and celebrate Christ's Resurrection!!!

After Church, we all went back to Papo and Cookie's for a yummy lunch.

And the Easter Bunny came!!

sweet Olivia shared her silly bands with Lyla :)

On the way back to Fayetteville, we stopped in T-town so that John David could get a root canal. No fun for him. But fun for us because we got to see John David's family for a tiny little bit! Jana showed us a picture of John David at Easter when he was Lyla's age. I don't know if you can tell in from this pic, but they are twins...

laughing with Pop

Easter 2011 could not have been more perfect! So thankful that it worked out to see both of our families! We love y'all!!


  1. Love lyla's dress n her sweet bow!!! She looks so pretty--as always! Miss y'all.

  2. Loving Lyla's Easter outfit. Too precious!

  3. Love all of Lyla's facial expressions! She is so animated and too cute:)! Thanks for your sweet words on fb too!