Monday, April 18, 2011

Margot's Birthday Party...

at, you guessed it, the beloved Ranch!! :) The original plan was to go to the Zac Brown Band Concert on the Mulberry River and then spend the night at the Ranch. Sweet Jan Jan drove all the way down from Texarkana to stay with Lyla Friday night so that we could go! However, after a gorgeous week of weather, it ended up being freezing and rainy all day Friday and that night! After bundling up (like I was going skiing or something) and driving all the way there, we got a text from Patrick that it was miserable and they were heading to the ranch. So, we turned around and joined them! It ended up being such a blessing because I really wasn't looking forward to toughing it out in the rain and cold, and plus we got to spend more time all together at the Ranch just playing games, eating, watching movies, etc.! And baby free!! No checking monitors or worrying that we were being too loud...and I even slept in Saturday morning!! Thanks Jan Jan!!
Happy 25th Margot!!
Get it? A quarter for turning 25? :)
And the other one is from Remington.
We spent all of Saturday morning eating a delicious breakfast and then playing games!
We had pool, shuffle board, and darts going on all at once!
So much fun!
And, again, I was actually able to play without chasing Lyla up and down the stairs! :)
We played numerous games of shuffle favorite!

oh, and we watched a couple movies on this bad boy...
with popcorn...
it seriously felt like being at the movie theater. but more comfortable.
Happy Birthday Margot! It was so much fun!!

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  1. How fun! So neat to have a place like that to go to. Makes me so happy you guys have such an awesome community. :)