Monday, April 18, 2011

Shower for Rachel!

Yes, yet another shower! :) One of my absolutely adorable Bible Study girls is getting married this June!! She's the first of all her friends to get married, and it's just so much fun to celebrate this time in her life!! So, Kristen and I and all of our Bible Study threw her a little bridal shower last night at our house. I'm telling you, these girls are the biggest breath of fresh air!! I have SO much fun every single time I'm with them. They are so secure in who they are, they are great friends to one another, they live for Christ, and they are a blast!! :) I seriously went to bed last night praying that God would bless Lyla with friends like them when she is in college!!

me and the beautiful bride to be!!
told you...they are too cute.

and sweet Lydia was there!! With no community group this month, we've missed her around here!! LOVE her!

me and the Cooper sisters! :)
(how cute is Kristen 6 days away from her due date?!?)

The future Mrs. Pavey!!

All the hostesses/our Bible Study

while we were partying, John David and Lyla ate dinner at Katie, Andrew, and Sawyer's (who are officially our neighbors...woo hoo!!!) By the time Lyla showed up, she was ready to show off for all the girls!! She danced all around the house, giggling, giving fist bumps...I think she's trying to Rush early. :) She even went around to each girl, pulled on their skirt and looked up at them with a real pitiful look saying, "cookie??" haha!!

"oh, hey there Lydia, if you could just help me reach this cookie, that would be great..."

"thank you!!" :)

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