Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Buns at the Beach

I saved the best post for last...

Eating at the Beach

One thing about my family is that we LOVE to eat...so this deserved it's own post as well. With 5 kids 5 and under, we decided to just stay home and cook every night. Each couple had a night to cook and every meal was delicious!! It was so wonderful to eat out on the deck and just let the kids run around and listen to the ocean. After we put them to bed, we would gather in the living room and each man in the family had a night that they lead us in a short little devotional. And then, we devoted a night to each grandbaby to pray for them specifically. This prayer time was by far one of the most meaningful things I'll take from our trip. What a joy and blessing to lift up each of our kids in prayer and just commit each one of them to the Lord!!

Anyway, back to the food. :) Unfortunately, I don't have a pic of every meal (ha!) but here's our yummy salad bar from the first night...so colorful and yummy!

Another fun thing we did was have "Buddies" for the week. This is something we did at our family reunions growing up...we were paired with someone not in our immediate family and at some point during the week, we would go on a date with them and just spend a little extra time with that person. My parents assigned us buddies at the beginning of the week, and we each went around and gave a sentence describing that person and the kids had to guess who it was. Stephen and I were paired with Annie! :) Each morning, 1 or 2 sets of buddies had a date to the Donut Hole for breakfast. It made for such fun, random groups that normally wouldn't get to spend quality time together. Our morning was me, Stephen, and Annie, with Dad, Julia, and Bauer. It was one of the highlights of the week...

heaven on a platter

me and my buddy enjoying a donut :)

me and my Daddy :)

The delicious spread of food!!!

When Dad asked Annie for a bite of her donut, this is what she handed him. hahaha!!!

enjoying some chocolate covered bananas on the deck

ice cream was pretty much a nightly ritual.

Lyla didn't spill any cheese dip on her, did she??

So fun getting to celebrate Julia and Whitney's birthdays while we were there!

It's a good thing my Dad taught me that calories don't count when you're on vacation!!

Lyla at the Beach

I decided to do an entire post of just pics of Lyla from the week. She's a funny girl. And, as you can see, she had a blast! A beach girl at heart.

She took the BEST naps!! That sun and sand will wear anyone out.

By far, her favorite game of the week was to grab some handfuls of sand and rub them in Aunt Whitney's hair...
And then absolutely giggle her little heart out...

She also LOVED sitting on Annie's potty. Anytime she went missing in the house, I was sure to find her right here. Now if only I could teach her to actually go potty on it!

Family Time at the Beach!

About 800 pictures later, we are home from a wonderful family vacation in Destin, Florida! It is a daunting task to try and narrow down all the pictures, and although this post alone has about 50, there are still more posts to come believe it or not!! :)

We had an absolutely wonderful time!! Sweet John David could only be there for 2 full days, and then had to fly back early so he could finish up this Acumen project. (boo!) He was greatly missed the rest of the time, but Lyla and I stayed throughout the week and soaked up special time with our Dallas family!! Here are LOTS of glimpses into our time with family...

(lots of "ring around the rosie" with the cousins!)

Our little Prankster Uncle Johnny had way too much fun scaring people with this dead crab he found.

My Mama with all 5 grandkids

Olivia was teaching us her songs from preschool graduation. Lyla copied EVERY move!! (and so did Whitney and Mom. Hilarious.)

these 2 were such great playmates and had a BLAST playing in the ocean all week!

more ring around the rosie

Sweet Grandmama is such a little poet!! She wrote the best poems all week for ALL of our celebrations...Mom and Dad's anniversary, Whitney and Stephen's Anniversary, and Whitney and Julia's birthdays! It was a GREAT week to be there to celebrate all these fun events and Grandmama's poems made them extra special! :)

Of course, out of every swimsuit and every skirt in the world, Whitney and I picked out the exact same ones. We would. We always wished that we were twins. :)

Ok, more pics to come! :)