Sunday, May 15, 2011

Before the cold front came...

we actually enjoyed some gorgeous Spring weather this past week or so. This weekend, however, was in the 40's and freezing!! (but, of course, we still had a great to come soon!) But, before I share about our freezing weekend, I wanted to catch up on some great playdates we've had in the sunshine lately!!

We enjoyed a gorgeous day at Wilson Park with Jenessa and Dyer, and my Young Lives girl, Jessica and her sweet family:
had a little picnic lunch

gave high fives

played with Randi

loved on these cute sisters

and went on wagon rides

When my mom came in town a couple weeks ago, she brought a swing for Lyla! I've really been wanting one because she loves them so much...a little too much. I have to share this story because hopefully we can laugh about it later...
After less than 24 hours of hanging it, ALL Lyla wanted to do was swing. So, I was pushing and pushing away while John David grilled burgers. All of a sudden, her sweet smiles and giggles turned to serious mode and she said, "out." I couldn't believe she was actually asking to get out...I thought we'd never get her out of there. Well, the second I got her out, she puked her little guts out all over the porch! I mean, saddest. sight. ever. I wanted to cry, but held it together and whisked her away to the bathtub...where she was giggling and smiling again within minutes! (while John David hosed the porch off...way to go Team Blagg! We successfully didn't freak out over the nastiness!) So, all that to say, Lyla, you love your swing!! And you may have inherited your Mama's motion sickness!!

That little incident has not kept us from swinging...just keeps this Mama a little cautious! :)

Last Thursday, Lyla and I headed out for a walk to the Botanical Gardens at 9:30 am.
We didn't get home until noon!!
we stopped to pick flowers



ran into Sarah Boyce and Estelle!

And Margot and Remington
(have I mentioned how much I LOVE our neighborhood??)

um, pretty sure this is not our house...Lyla and Estee just walked on up like they owned the place, sat on the porch, and read their books. haha! It was seriously like I was torturing her when I picked her up to leave.

little divas

when we got home, after lunch and naps, Lyla found this hat in my closet. She instantly put it on, pointed to it and said, "Estee!" because it was just like Estelle's hat! So cute. :)

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