Monday, May 2, 2011

Girls Weekend! (plus Marshall and Bauer)

So, as I've mentioned, John David had a fun-filled guys weekend at the Ranch...hunting, canoeing, watching movies, etc. Because Stephen was going, we decided it would be a perfect weekend for my sister and her kids to come play since we would be husband-less together. And, of course, my mom joined in on the fun!! I've SO been looking forward to this weekend, and it was more fun and more perfect than I could have ever hoped for. I know everyone says this, but truly my mom and my sister are my very best friends and my favorite people to be with! It was such a treat to have them here. The kids played so well together and had a blast just running around outside most of the weekend, entertaining each other. And on Saturday afternoon, we even hired a babysitter so that my mom, Whitney, and I could go antique and thrift store shopping all afternoon!! So fun!! Here are some pics from our time together...well, ok, I guess I just have pics of the kids playing together. :)

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  1. Cute pictures! You are so blessed to have such an awesome family!