Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Happy 20 Months, Lyla Girl!!

How is it possible that my baby girl is 20 months old today?? For some reason, I'm kinda having a hard time with this one...I think because it just sounds way too close to 2! And that's a big kid. A real toddler. All of a sudden, I'm feeling like I need to potty train, and move to a big girl bed, and take away the passy. And then I start to feel overwhelmed and tell myself to chill out...because in reality, there's no hurry on any of those things!! It's like, some days I feel like she's still such a tiny little baby girl, and other days I feel like she's such a big kid. I'm really trying to not be in a hurry for her to grow up, and not push all those big milestones too soon. So, Lyla, what are you up to at 20 months??

First of all, you get more beautiful every day:
Second, you are really into accessories these days...hats, jewelry, headbands, purses, shoes:

you are also really in love with your stuffed animals...your favorites are of course piggy, Pearl, Puppy, Bunny, Stella, and Lulu. You love to gather them up and nurture and mother them:
you even accessorize the statues:
Although you definitely are not ready for potty training, I went ahead and bought you a potty and you LOVE it! You have no desire to actually sit and go potty on it yet, but you sure love playing with it:
(reading up on potty training)

YAY for big girl potties!

You finally play with Play Doh! And you love it!

You absolutely love Elmo. In fact, when he was teaching you about sleeping, you curled right up on your chair and pretended to sleep while you watched:
In fact, this is one of your favorite games...to pretend to go to sleep. This was on Sawyer's big boy bed. You'll say "night night", then curl right up and fake snore. You'll also look up and say "shhh" with your finger to your mouth:
I've decided I'm not going to drop the passy until after our Florida trips this summer (I have a feeling the passengers on our plane rides will appreciate this.) But, I have cracked down on only letting you have it during naps and night time. On our first day of me being hardcore about this, you cried and cried and begged for "piggy, passy". I only let you have them if you were in your crib, so I let you have some playtime in your crib so you could get your fix. Apparently, this worked. It only lasted one day and now you rarely ask for them during the day.

Silly girl:

Here are some things you love to say these days:
  • "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy (or Daddy, whoever's attention you are wanting at the moment...and then as soon as we look at you) "Watch!" then you proceed to think of something silly to do to entertain us...a leg lift, a twirl, whatever.
  • We always watch Hi-Five DVD's when we get in the car. All throughout the day, you'll come up to me and say, "Car Fye-Fye" (high five) It's like your way of telling me, "Let's go somewhere Mommy. I'm tired of being in the house."
  • You have become so great at saying your prayers. This melts my heart more than anything! We always pray before meals and before naps and bedtime. You clasp your little hands and bow your head, and mumble along, and then say, "Amen." When I ask you to say your prayers, you'll say "Daddy, Work, Amen." (because you always hear me pray for Daddy at work.) Even the other day at Target, you said, "Mommy. Pray." And we bowed our heads right there in the middle of Target and you said "Daddy, work, Amen." I think Jesus knew Daddy needed our prayers right then!! And I think your prayers make His heart so happy!!
  • Whenever we are changing your diaper, you say (shout, really), "Elmo! Ernie! Bickey!" (Mickey) because you get so excited that those characters are on your diapers.
  • You'll randomly start talking about some of your favorite people and you always pair them together perfectly. For example, "Katie, Undrew, Sawyou"; "Kiki, Marina, Twist, Shout" (no lie, she will name ALL the fresh beat band characters!); "Bookoo (Margot), Remi, Patrick"; "Bishou, Yaya, Bayou" (that's Marshall, Olivia, Bauer); "Cookie, Papo"; "JanJan, Pop"; "Shell, Barc"(Michelle, Marc); "Tilla, Kyle" (Stella, Kyle); "B.T., Richard, Emmy" (that's Kristen, Richard, Emerson)...I know I'm leaving some out, but those are the most common people she'll talk about. I'm just amazed she clumps them all together perfectly! And I love her special little nicknames for people. ha!
  • She also gets this pitiful little whiny voice where she'll start talking jibberish about something really dramatic, always starting with "oh no!!!" and a really concerned look on her face.
  • Whenever a person leaves the room or she's looking for something (for example, Daddy), she'll say "Daddy go???" in the same pitiful whiny voice.
  • She's constantly bringing us things and saying, "here go!" (like "here you go")
  • My most recent favorite is when she says "ooooooh, Wow!!" when she sees something cool or exciting. What can I say...the girl is expressive and she comes by it honest!!
Whew! If you have read this far, I'm impressed!! haha! I just have to write all these things down because I don't want to forget them!! (and I know I will!)
Lyla, I LOVE every precious little word that comes out of your mouth! And I love watching your spunky personality grow more and more each day. You are the perfect combination of super independent, yet super social; Strong willed, yet tender hearted. Girly, yet tom-boyish. You are creative, imaginative, an unbelievable player, musical, silly, expressive, and adventuresome. We thank Jesus for you every day!!!! Happy 20 month birthday! We love you!!


  1. melt.my.heart. SO PRECIOUS and you're the best mama fee fee! I LOVE YOU!!! and i love watching you love on lyla. she's so blessed to have YOU!!