Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy 60th Birthday Mama!!!

I cannot believe that my gorgeous, fit (98 lb.) mother turns 60 today!!! I can't even say that I hope I look like her when I'm that age, because the fact is I'd like to look like her now. But, way beyond her beauty is an absolute heart of GOLD!!! Whitney and I always say that we would like a bracelet that says, "WWMD?" on it (what would Mom do?) because I would like to be more like her in every single way...she is the most godly wife, mother, friend, daughter, sister, grandmother, etc, etc. She truly is the epitome of a Proverbs 31 woman. She is a selfless servant, a prayer WARRIOR (I promise the reason John, Whitney, and I turned out halfway decent is due to this woman's prayers for us!), an encourager, a harmonizer, such a hard worker, and is truly constantly thinking about what she can do for others. As blasphemous as this is going to sound...I kinda don't think she has a sin nature. Truly. She is the most amazing woman and I am beyond proud and thankful that God allowed me to be her daughter!!! What a gift!! So, Mama, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!! I LOVE YOU WITH EVERY OUNCE OF MY HEART!!!!!!

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