Friday, May 6, 2011

Hard Workin' Man

Sweet John David has been working SO hard lately!! The building he is working on has a Grand Opening scheduled for June 1st, so this month is going to be insanely busy as he works to finish it in time. I'm really SO proud of him, I could bust! He is such a great leader and is doing an awesome job directing everyone. He literally works so hard that when he comes home, he just crashes on the couch! Like, can't even function anymore! Lyla is so funny...she'll go right up to his face and yell, "DADA!!" or stick her finger in his ear or in his nose. haha! But, thankfully, on this particular evening, she just snuggled sweetly and let him rest. :)

I really can't get over how sweet these 2 faces are...
truly melts my heart.

I love how much John David looks like Lyla when he's sleeping!! :)

I mean, truly, have you ever seen sweeter faces in your life??
I love them so much.

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