Monday, May 2, 2011

Meet Emerson Cole...

Richard and Kristen had their baby this past Friday and it's a GIRL!!! And she is PERFECT!!! I don't even have enough words to tell you how proud I am of Kristen! She did an all natural birth and is absolutely thriving as a mommy!! So happy for her and Richard! And especially pumped for Emerson that she gets them as her parents!!

We were waiting on pins and needles all day Friday to hear the news of whether it was a boy or a girl. And I'm telling you, the SECOND I got the text, Margot, Lyla and I hopped in the car and went straight to the hospital! The following pics are about 30 minutes after Emerson was born! I'm proud to have been one of the first to meet the sweet little girl!

proud Daddy!

sweet little family!

Uncle Thomas snuck Lyla a chickfila nugget AND an oreo and she just took turns taking bites of each...sounds like a pretty good combo, actually!

She then proceeded to find some goldfish crackers and graham crackers in her diaper bag. So, all in all, it was a really healthy outing to the hospital for Lyla.
(hey, whatever keeps her occupied so that I can hold this sweet one...)

Emerson and Lyla meeting for the first time. They are already BFF's.

Since John David was out of town all weekend on his guys' hunting/float trip, we got to go back over there last night so that he could meet her and I could get another fix since I was already missing her...

Welcome to the world, Emerson Claire Cole!!!!!
We love you so much already and can't wait to watch you grow!!!

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