Friday, May 13, 2011

Our Morning with Stella Bella

(*sidenote: I did this entire post yesterday, and then blogger quit working and it erased. grrr. So, we'll try this again!)
Yesterday morning, Haley was on her way over to our house for a quick, friendly little visit. She pulled into our neighborhood, ready to come play and enjoy her chicken biscuit, when a lady slammed into her car! Now, let me just say that Haley has more on her plate right now than I can even start to explain...she is dealing with way more than I can even imagine. So, when she called to tell me, I thought you have got to be kidding me! Why Haley?!? And the most amazing part is, she just laughed it off...whereas I would be bawling and on the verge of a panic attack. Her car is injured bad. And the woman who hit her is an OB, so considering Haley is 26 weeks pregnant, she insisted that she go to the hospital to make sure she and the baby were ok. I offered to watch Stella so she could go to the hospital, and after 4 hours of testing (!!), Haley and the baby seem to be fine. Praise the Lord! Meanwhile, Lyla and Stella had a heck of a playdate...
they colored

and giggled on the chair together
(these 2 are such giggle boxes when they get together, they just feed off each other)

lounged outside, soaking in the beautiful weather

Lyla has never sucked her thumb, but decided to try it out after watching Stella all morning

Here's Lyla learning to share and take turns (one of the many opportunities we had for this particular life lesson. oh my!!)

"blowing" on their pinwheels

eating a picnic lunch

who am I kidding...they did not last long on that towel. String cheese is way more fun to eat while you're playing.

Haley, so glad you're ok!! And, again, so amazed by your awesome attitude!!
(And, Ashley Gibbs, I thought of you so many times...I don't know how you handle multiples!! And I only had 2 for a few hours!! ha!)

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  1. Poor Haley!! Good grief. Those two are so cute!

    Also, I've been meaning to ask you this...when I was at your house I noticed you had knockout roses all along the front of your house. I've been thinking about putting some out front of our house (we have them in the back but I want to rip out a few bushes in the front and replace them with the roses) ANYWAYS, I wondered what they look like in the winter? Do you have anything else in front of them? Just curious!

    I always have weird questions for you. Haha