Monday, May 9, 2011

Such a fun weekend!!

I absolutely love weekends in Fayetteville with no agenda! We had a wonderful weekend enjoying gorgeous weather and time with friends, family, and neighbors...

Friday night:
Katie and Andrew had us over for some yummy Mexican food.
And I got some snuggle time with Shepherd!
Lyla played with her besties, Sawyer and Stella...

Lyla is ready to go to the Farmer's Market!
(I'm pretty sure this is my favorite thing about Fayetteville!)
We ate a seriously delicious breakfast at Little Bread Co.
Ran into tons of friends and walked around the Market

And, of course, had to walk over to Richard and Kristen's to get our Emerson fix!
(they live right off the Square)
Lyla did so much better not throwing a jealous fit, and actually let me hold her for about 30 minutes!
She came over, patted my head and said, "Duck", then patted Emerson's head and said, "Duck" (her cousin Olivia taught her this game) She's already excited about playing with Emerson!
And then she found Emerson's Passy (and surprisingly did not put it in her own mouth), but came straight over to Emerson saying, "Here go!" and tried to shove it in her mouth. Such a big helper. :)
After naps, we headed to our neighborhood pool for John David and Clay to practice their Kayak rolls (that's normal, right?)

Of course, Lyla found Clay's hat and had such a great time watching the boys do tricks in their boats.

Saturday Night:
Our neighbors Katey and Aaron grilled out and had us over for dinner. (how 'bout that...2 free dinners in a row. No complaints here!) Lyla had so much fun jumping on their trampoline with her static hair. :)

And, of course, yesterday was a wonderful Mother's Day...John David cooked me breakfast and let me sleep in, followed by church, lunch at Jason's Deli, and a day of cleaning out our garage! We ended the night with some pizza and checkers. :)
I'm extremely thankful for my wonderful Mama who set the most unbelievable example for me! And I'm thankful for the blessing of being a mom myself!! I truly recognize it as such a gift!!

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