Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ten things I'm itching to do at the moment...

(some more practical than others)

1. Take Lyla to Disney World!!!! She is seriously in love with Mickey, and gets so excited when he comes on TV. She has a Mickey Mouse stuffed animal that was John David's when he was little....and she loves him. We really are thinking about planning a trip for this Fall...when the weather is cooler, school's out, and she's 2. Plus, let's be honest, I think John David and I would have the MOST fun!! (Eoffs, Marshalls, Deals, Mayos...who's in????????? Let's plan this thing and start saving up those nickels and dimes!!!)

2. Get patio furniture. We didn't buy any last summer and decided to wait until those end of summer sales. Well, we totally missed that window. So, I'm trying to hold out again. (someone please warn me when the sales are starting so I don't miss them again!)

3. Take Lyla to the Zoo!! Little Rock. Tulsa. Dallas. Any zoo will do. If you could only see how excited she gets over seeing a bird in our backyard or a turtle in the neighborhood pond...she may have a heart attack when she sees a monkey, a bear, or a giraffe!!!

4. Garden! Unfortunately, I did not inherit my mom's green thumb. However, this spring weather makes me want to plant a big herb and vegetable garden in my backyard...and have access to tons of fresh, home grown veggies at all times!! (Check out my bff from growing up, Lowen's, blog and you'll be inspired as well! Unbelievable!!!) Also, I really need to replace the dead Japanese Maple tree in our front yard. It's. Driving. Me. Crazy. (too bad these things are sooooo expensive, and in reality, it's the last thing I want/need to spend money on.)

5. Set up a new nursery and a big girl room for Lyla! Not sure if this is the best reason to get pregnant. But, it is something I'm really looking forward to, and think about all the time!! I found the CUTEST bedding for Lyla from pottery barn kids, and I'm making myself not order it until it's almost her birthday. (and, no, I'm not's just something I'm itching to do!) :)

6. Work a puzzle!! In fact, I may go start one right after I finish blogging. That one's easy.

7. Order pictures!! Ever since blogging and facebook became such a part of our lives, I never have actual pictures in my hand anymore. I want to order lots of pictures, and update all of our frames, photo albums, and fridge. What I really want to do is start a photo wall in our hallway. (again, why does everything have to cost so much money???)

8. Work out. Now that Fit 4 Christ is out for the summer, I really miss working out!!! I got to where I actually enjoy it and crave it. Since I can't go to a workout class anymore, I find myself doing walking lunges at the park while Lyla goes down the slide, and doing crunches in my living room while Lyla watches Sesame Street. It's better than nothing, right?? I just find it crazy that I actually crave and need it now. A day doesn't feel complete unless I've done something.

9. Get Lyla a Strider Bike. Have you seen those things?? They are bikes for toddlers without any pedals, and they teach toddlers to balance and ride a bike without training wheels. As adventuresome as she is, I really think she would love it!

10. Get quality time with my family in Florida!!!!!!!! I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to this!! We leave in a few days and I. Can't. Wait. I can hardly think of anything else!!!! It really will be a little slice of heaven and it can't get here soon enough.

So, there you go...a little midweek glimpse into my brain.
(and now I think I'll go look for some more items we can sell in our next garage sale so that we can actually afford to do any of these things.) :)

Happy Wednesday!!!!


  1. I loved reading this list! I'm right with you on the ordering pictures, but the framing part is expensive! We just finished a garage sale, and all of my money is going to things for the house! I may look into the Fit4Christ thing...I had heard it's good, and I love workout classes!

  2. Number 10 on your list is actually number 1 in your heart, right? CANT WAIT EITHER! EEEEIIIIIIKKKK!

  3. I love the strider :] Joey is doing pretty well with hers! Y'all should totally get one!!

  4. Mindy, get yourself to LR asap and we will hit up the zoo with you! It's Noah's favorite place!

  5. Brayden LOVES his Strider. You NEED one for Lyla :)

    Have you brought her to the Gentry Safari??? We just took B the other day and he loved it! The petting zoo was a huge hit!