Sunday, May 1, 2011

A whole LOT of random goodness...

I'm just going to throw a ton of random photos into this one post, and catch you up on some more of what we've been up to in the past week or so...let the scrolling begin!!

While Patrick and Margot went on their "babymoon" to Seaside, we kept Remington for a week, and Lyla LOVED every second of it. He really was shockingly good and easy, probably because Lyla kept sneaking him bites of her food...

These are the kinds of things I like for her to wear when it's just us at I can get a better look at that scrumptious little body all day.
Uncle Patrick got a little too excited about all this rain in Arkansas, and made the big mistake of "running" to Lewis and Clark with John David to "look" at kayaks. Of course, they came home with not one, but two...
And then proceeded to float the river 3 times this week.

Do they look pumped up, or what??
(I love my adventuresome little mountain man.)

Meanwhile, Lyla and I have been doing LOTS of coloring these days. She's finally getting the hang of using crayons...
that is when she's not using them as a phone.

we've also learned to color with chalk...
and, like I said, obsessed with bathtime...

watching Mickey while snuggling with Mickey, of course...

(who doesn't like watching Yo Gabba Gabba upside down?)

(both above and below)
Lyla's REALLY into dipping these days!!! I've discovered a whole new world out there! I can get her to eat pretty much anything as long as I give her something to dip it in!! Brussell Sprouts? No problem! Just give the girl some ranch!
she loves doing her own peanut butter...I'm hoping to win mother of the year with this one for letting her play with knives.

yes, she is dipping her strawberries in ketchup.

And her apples in mustard.

And, now for dessert....her passy dipped in Ranch!! haha! She really figured out the ultimate treat here.

loves wearing Mommy's shoes

new. favorite. game.

watching the lawn guys mow our grass :)

And, lastly (finally), I always let her play in my jewelry while I'm getting ready. This is how she looks by the time I'm done. :)

Hope everyone had a great weekend....mine was FULL of pure happiness with Baby Emerson being born, Sawyer's birthday party, AND my family in town!!! Of course, lots of blogging on those events coming soon!!! They're ALL big days!! :)

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  1. i know i comment all the time saying how cute i think Lyla is - but my goodness - she is PRECIOUS :) what a fun family y'all are!