Friday, June 3, 2011

Acumen Grand Opening!

I will now reveal the reason my sweet, hard-working husband has been M.I.A. for the past 3 months....

I present to you the new Acumen Building:
Now, if only I had a before picture!!! This building was the old Coke Distribution Center, and has been empty since the 70's. (you'd never drink coke again if you saw how hard it was to clean up the coke stains off the concrete.) To say it was NASTY and run-down is a complete understatement. John David did SUCH an incredible job transforming this space into the office/warehouse it's become today. We celebrated the Grand Opening on Wednesday, and a wonderful celebration it was!!!

I really think there were like 300 people there, including the Governor of Arkansas. The place was buzzing with excitement, and I was bubbling over with pride that MY husband was in charge of it all coming together. :)

Some of our sweet friends that came:

(Richard likes to refer to this pic as "Babies and Business")

Adam has been John David's sidekick through this whole project. He painted every square inch of the space and pulled many all-nighters and worked many weekends and many hours on this project!! He was a true blessing to John David and they got to spend some quality time together over the past few months...and joined us on many family lunches and dinners. :)

Now for a tour of the inside:
This is what you see right when you walk in.

The welcome desk to the left when you walk in

the kitchen

one of the bathrooms

the break room

another section of the break room

board meeting room

some of the offices

And now for the really cool part...the robotic retrieval system. Acumen is an online shopping company, and they now have this system where whenever an order is placed, the little orange robots above are programmed to know exactly which shelf to go to, and it attaches itself underneath the shelf and brings it to the person in the front to package it and ship it out. This saves TONS of time because people don't have to walk all over the warehouse searching for the item. The little robots just retrieve it for them! Can you say Jetsons???

Everyone getting a tour of how the system works

We then celebrated with delicious burgers, hot dogs, and cake!

When John David got home that evening, I surprised him with a gift card for a one hour massage (well deserved!!) and his favorite meal, along with champagne and paleo muffins to celebrate a job well done!!


  1. that is so fun that John David did all that! some of our best friends from church work at Acumen so we've been hearing about all the progress and love the new building! give John David a big hug and high five from the Kaundarts! :)

  2. That is so awesome! The building looks great!