Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day Weekend at the River

We stayed at the Ranch this weekend to celebrate Father's Day! It was a great time, as always. On Saturday, we spent the day at the River...

Kyle and John David with their little river girls!

This is where we camped out for the day. It was perfect.

I snapped this pic just in time to catch Kyle right after one of his wipeouts.  Those rocks were slick! :)

checking out the little fishies in Daddy's hands

"skipping" rocks :)

Kyle discovered the greatest fishing hole!

time for some snacks! 

these 2 love their tickle wars

check out Sawyer's wind-blown hair from going so fast! haha!


getting ready to watch a movie in the media room before bed!

they were so excited for some Toy Story 3!

Sunday was spent watching more movies and being super lazy! We grilled burgers for lunch, John David and Andrew did some more fishing, and we just lounged around.  It was so nice! When we got home Sunday evening, John David rode his bike and then we enjoyed dinner out on the patio.  It was a wonderful Father's Day! I'm so thankful that Lyla has such an awesome Daddy!!!

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  1. those are some of the cutest pictures of Lyla & JD having some father daughter time in the river!