Monday, June 27, 2011

Lyla's Preview of Summer 2017

This past Saturday, we spent the afternoon at Kanakuk Kamp in Branson. Lyla got a little preview of what her future summers are going to look like.  Although, I think Daddy may be begging to spend a month there instead. 

Lyla got so concerned the first time she saw Daddy go down the slip and slide!
I'm just thankful I captured her little facial expressions!
And now Lyla's turn...

Although I think she preferred to accessorize.

Kristen and sweet Baby Emerson!
enjoying a few snacks

Ted, Richard and Kristen's dog, even went down the slide! haha!!

This face summarizes how hard Lyla dirty.
and so tired!!
Thanks, Richard and Kristen, for an awesome day at Kamp!!! :)

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