Wednesday, June 8, 2011

More pics and more good news!

We just got home from visiting the Harris fam at the hospital and there are so many great things to report!! The nurses said they are shocked at how quickly John Chester is improving! And they are even taking him off oxygen this afternoon!! They are also thinking they may not have to do an MRI after all! Praise the Lord!! He is answering our prayers!

This is how he was sleeping when they went to see him this morning...

And another praise...Margot got to feed him this morning!!!!!
Such a good boy drinking that bottle!!

And John David got to meet him today!! They've only been letting family back there, but they snuck John David back, and he can't stop talking about how cute and precious he is!! I'm so jealous. I've only seen these iphone pics...can't wait to lay my own eyes on him!!
Thanks again for your prayers! God is at work!!


  1. cant handle the cuteness either! my heart is splatting and i absolutely love that report! keep em' coming!! love you so much!!

  2. I've just been tearing up reading these posts about this sweet baby boy. Wes and I are praying for them all!

  3. Thanks for the updates! I don't know Patrick or Margot, but my husband was one of Patrick's college roommates and knows him very well and I know Micah, Margot's sister. I've been praying for their little boy. So glad he is improving!