Thursday, June 9, 2011

Someone's excited...

about going HOME this weekend!!!
Look at that smile!!!
And NO tubes!!!
Margot got to hold him this morning for the first time, and has been able to nurse him all day! The doctors are saying he'll be able to go home Saturday or Sunday (although I'm really hoping it will be tomorrow! I'm so ready to get my hands on that guy.) No wonder little John Chester is smiling so big! It's been a big day! :)


  1. So sweet! I can't wait to meet him either!

  2. PRECIOUS!!!!!! Congrats to the sweet new parents! Thanks for keeping us all posted Fee Fee!!! xoxo!

  3. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! That's the best news ever! He's the most handsome little thing I've ever seen. I want to hold him to so bad! Thanks for the updates! Love you!!