Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer Lovin'

This is how we've been spending our Summer days here in Fayetteville...

 feeding the ducks (notice that Lyla is sneaking some bread for herself) ;)

 playdough and sharing snacks with Mickey and Pearl

 working puzzles with Mommy
She is still obsessed with her potty! Doesn't actually go potty in it...but LOVES to sit on it and play with it. Still debating when to actually tackle that monster.
(let's just hope she doesn't still think this is a hat whenever we acutally start potty training! Could get messy.)
 playing with our stuffed animals
 getting really red and sweaty from playing outside!
 playing at the playground...Gulley, Wilson, neighborhood park. You name it. We've been there.
 back pack on. piggy in the carrier. ready to go.
 enjoying our new patio furniture that my parent's neighbors GAVE us (remember the list of things I'm wanting right now?? Thank you, Lord!!)
 I started a summer Beth Moore Bible Study at my friend, Cara's, church. Here's Lyla ready to go to childcare on our first day.  We both are going to LOVE having this treat every week!! Lyla has new friends and toys to play with, and I get to grow closer to Jesus! Score all the way around!

 Concert at the Park!! One of my FAVORITE Fayetteville things!!

 Jenessa was popular with the kiddos (ok, maybe it was the yogurt she had!) :)

 We've also done our fair share of fit-throwing and whining this summer! Those "terrible 2's" begin early! :) I'm constantly needing patience and wisdom from the Lord these days!! Whew!

For example, her new favorite phrase is "do it." So, she insists on putting on her own clothes, putting on her shoes by herself, feeding herself, buckling her own carseat and swing, etc. A lesson in patience, for sure. This is what happens when she tries to dress herself...

 just taking a little nap with Daddy and BHill at the end of a cookout at Meg's.

 loves wearing her backpack! It was empty...she just wanted to wear it.

 We've been going to the library every week for Baby Bookworms and to check out new books for the week! I'm loving this new weekly tradition, and having new things to read!

 Pop came to see us for a night, and Lyla had a blast with him!!

 lots of trips to our neighborhood pool
 hanging out with J.C. and all the neighborhood kids (another favorite thing about summertime in our neighborhood!)

And lastly, swimming in our tiny little backyard pool! :)

Hope y'all are having a happy summer as well! :)

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  1. Mindy...she is so so so cute! You are, too. ;)