Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Update on J.C. Harris

John Chester is off the respirator and everything is looking and sounding really positive! However, he can't eat for 3 days and they are thinking he'll stay in the NICU for another 7-10 days to continue monitoring him. He will have an MRI in a few days to make sure there wasn't any brain damage when his organs were keep these things in your prayers please!

We went to the hospital yesterday to see Patrick and Margot, and Margot was absolutely the picture of PEACE. She was just glowing, and so positive. The Holy Spirit is just flowing out of her and giving her such grace and strength. Praise the Lord for that!! She said that as soon as he was born, and not breathing, she knew they were about to pronounce him dead...and she instantly just turned her eyes to God and prayed for Him to be glorified through whatever happens, even if that means losing her son. WOW!!! She absolutely amazes me and inspires me with her faith and dependency on the Lord during this hard time. And, thankfully, the Lord breathed life into him and I really think he's going to be ok!!

Here of some pics of the HANDSOME little guy...

Isn't he so cute?!?!

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