Sunday, July 31, 2011

Fancy Friday

Our weekend started out with SUCH a fun Friday!! Unusually fancy for the Blagg family. :) Lyla and I joined Margot and John Chester to swim at the country club.  Margot's sister, Sophie, was in town along with Katie Hill and her little boy, Parker. Daniel and Patrick were playing in a golf tournament that morning, so they joined us for lunch and swimming after they played. It was SUCH a perfect day. (except that we missed John David!) There's this awesome kiddie pool that Lyla will just play in for hours by herself. Amazing.

John Chester hung out in the shade with his Daddy. :)

Then, that night, we enjoyed an unbelievable dinner at Ruth's Chris! You know, just your typical Friday night out! :) John David and I were the only ones who had been there before and it was seriously SO fun watching the rest of the crew enjoy the yumminess for the first time! That place is seriously like a little slice of Heaven. Especially with such fun, sweet friends!

 my dinner
 the super fun crew: Margot, Patrick, Lacey, Daniel, Katie, me, and John David
And last but not least, Dessert! Yeah, we split 4!
Needless to say, I felt a little sick by the end of the night.
But so worth it. :)

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Concert at the Park

We went to Concert at the Park Thursday night, and as always, had a blast. It sprinkled on us when we first got there, and then quickly cleared up resulting in an almost cool night with an actual BREEZE! It felt AMAZING!!!! 
 Lyla's "cheese" face with Benji :)

 John David and Stella in deep conversation
 Stella was so nice to share her baby doll with Lyla all night. Lyla cared for this little baby most of the night. Giving her her paci when she needed it...
 and kisses of course.
 getting sleepy...lying down with Daddy.
Stella really liked her crazy creek chair.

It's nights like this that affirm my love for Fayetteville!! :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

"Tickling" on the potty

I had to share a funny Lyla story so I don't forget! :) Yesterday, she came up to me and said, " I need to go potty!" She's done this a few times.  I'll put her on her big girl potty, she'll sit for a while, then say "wipe"...although she has never actually gone! But hey, I'm just glad she's starting to tell me when she thinks she needs to go. I actually think she tells me this right after she's already gone. Anywho, yesterday, when she told me she needed to go potty, I said, "Lyla, if you go tinkle on the potty, I'm going to give you a treat!" And she instantly said, "treat? no-nut?" (Doughnut....we've been with my parents for the past week and Papo has spoiled her rotten with donuts.  So, naturally, that's the first treat she thought of.) So, I said, "Yes, I'll give you a donut if you tinkle on the potty." Right then, she got so excited, ran to her  big girl potty and started TICKLING it!! She was going, "tickle, tickle, tickle" all over the potty with her fingers. HAHA!!! She sure was confused when that didn't earn her a donut. Silly girl.  I guess I need to start saying "pee pee" instead of "tinkle".  :)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Since we've been home...

We've had a wonderful first week back after our trip to Seaside.  There's something nice about returning to real life. (Although Lyla has asked to go to the beach and eat donuts for breakfast every day this week! ha!) The night we got home from Florida, we headed around the corner to our neighbor's house to celebrate Krissy's birthday with a cookout...

 Lyla played SO hard with all her friends outside and got so hot and sweaty!!!
 Look at that red face. The girl knows how to play.

 Baby Doll gets a turn :)
 check out that dead hang! She held on for 10 seconds!
 Wednesday night, we had a community group social at our neighborhood pool! So great to see everyone!
Kristen and Emerson :)
 This was Shepherd's first time in the's safe to say he loved it!

 On Thursday night, John David played softball for the Acumen/Penny Lane team...
 John David and Neil cheering on their teammates 
 look at these little cuties just cheering away!!
 I love how Lyla is admiring Sallie in this pic...her cool older friend.
The rest of the cheering, BHill, and Benji
A couple times this week, this cute little trio enjoyed some pooltime!
They truly are BEST FRIENDS, these three!

My parents are on their way to Fayetteville as I type, and I can't WAIT to soak up some time with them this week!!! Woo Hoo!!!!! Happy Monday Everyone! 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Eatin' Out and Hangin' Out

This is my final post of our Florida pics...and considering I took about 500 pictures all week, it's a miracle I narrowed it down to my favorite 90 or so. :) 
The first morning we were there, John David, Lyla, and I had a little family breakfast out at my favorite place...The Donut Hole.  It was such a fun memory for us!
 Lyla ate about 1/2 a dozen donut holes for breakfast.  She was in Heaven.
 We also had one sleepy girl on our hands all week! Staying up late and being in the sun all day wore this little girl plum out! Above, she took about a 2 hour nap on Gigi at the beach.  I was amazed! So sweet.
As I was standing in line for lunch at Pickles, I looked down and Lyla had fallen asleep in her car! Poor baby. Asleep at the wheel.
 And, napping on Daddy back at the house.
 We had one big family dinner out and we always go to Barago's.  This year was especially fun.  Lyla was SO good the entire dinner and we had a truly wonderful time.

 sweet John Morris slept the entire dinner! did I mention he's a perfect baby? :)

 These Dora stickers have changed our lives! We can eat out again! They entertained Lyla ALL night long.
 Hey, whatever keeps her seated and happy, right??
 Listening to one of Lyla's dramatic her. lips.
 the "kids" table

 Love this pic of John David and my gorgeous MIL!
 the sweetest little playmates...they had so much fun giggling and cuddling under the table. :)

 We ended the night throwing pennies in the fountain and making wishes. :)

 kisses for Ali!

 They had an awesome bluegrass band play on the lawn one night, and John David and I took Lyla down there for a while to let her dance and run around before she tuckered out.
 Family dinner at the Pizza Bar!

 Is he not the most beautiful baby? I don't think I heard one peep from him all week either!
 more hugs from Luke-Man. haha!

 covering Bop's face with stickers while we waited to eat at Great Southern. :)

A pic of all 5 kiddos before we hit the road to head home! I can't wait to watch this couch grow! :)
Until next year, Seaside...