Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Beach time!

 lathering up before heading out!

 2 week old John Morris! He was AWESOME all week! And so were his parents!! I was super impressed with how well they handled having a 2 week old at the beach...truly never heard one complaint out of their mouths! They are all 3 so laid back and easy-going! Way to go Deals!
 Lyla kept getting in the swing saying, "Lyla. Baby." She's not so sure how she feels about these new little babies replacing her! :)
  We spent lots of time playing in this tent...it was a wonderful break from the sun!

 Lyla thought it was so funny to put sand on people's toes. And she loved having her toes buried as well.

 I met a girl named Devon in my Beth Moore Bible Study I started a couple weeks ago, and she and her family were not only in Seaside the exact same week as us, but their umbrellas were directly next to ours on the beach! Lyla, Maggie, and Luke LOVED playing with Reese and Ava! New fun friends for sure!
sharing some yogurt with "Gigi and Bop"

Lyla fell in love with "no-nuts" this week! :)
"laying out" with Maggie

 This is the look she gives when she's just gotten in trouble. Kinda sad/mad.

Whenever Lyla was ready to go, she'd start saying "bye bye beach! bye bye sand! bye bye fish!"

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  1. What a fun trip Mindy :] Where did y'all get that tent?? We are headed to the beach in a few weeks and that would be the perfect addition to our load :]