Saturday, July 30, 2011

Concert at the Park

We went to Concert at the Park Thursday night, and as always, had a blast. It sprinkled on us when we first got there, and then quickly cleared up resulting in an almost cool night with an actual BREEZE! It felt AMAZING!!!! 
 Lyla's "cheese" face with Benji :)

 John David and Stella in deep conversation
 Stella was so nice to share her baby doll with Lyla all night. Lyla cared for this little baby most of the night. Giving her her paci when she needed it...
 and kisses of course.
 getting sleepy...lying down with Daddy.
Stella really liked her crazy creek chair.

It's nights like this that affirm my love for Fayetteville!! :)


  1. LOVE! It was such a fun night and felt sooo good outside!

  2. Sounds like it was a comfortable night with the breeze. That and the concert made the whole thing a fun moment! You guys really look like you're enjoying that place.

    -Walter Tully