Wednesday, August 17, 2011

23 months today...and NOT wanting to grow up :)

Well, today marks exactly one month until Lyla turns 2!! And while all I can think about is potty training, moving her to a big girl bed, and dropping the passy, apparently Lyla would prefer to stay a baby forever! :) I guess it's because we are surrounded by friends with babies, so she is feeling a little nostalgic about all these baby things...

With Patrick and Margot living 2 doors down, we love going to visit sweet little John Chester! And Lyla loves to climb into his nap nanny and pretend to go night night! I really don't blame her though...that thing is super soft and I'd crawl up there too if I'd fit! 
 That same day, we couldn't find Lyla for a little bit because she had wandered off and climbed into John Chester's stroller...just hanging out! 
 When Katie was watching Shepherd last weekend, I would find Lyla playing on his little floor gym. Like, truly lying on her back and playing with the toys. haha!
 And, finally, she brought me this tiny baby blanket the other day and asked me to swaddle her!! She literally laid like this on floor, so still and "swaddled" for about 10 minutes!

But, whether Lyla likes it or not, she really has become such a big girl!! I can't believe that when I look at her, she's such a toddler! Like, a big kid! She's still talking up a storm, telling us all sorts of dramatic drawn out stories filled with mostly jibberish still.  But, she really does communicate so well and usually makes it very clear what she wants! :) 
We're still working on fit throwing...and usually when I threaten time out, she stops whining instantly! So, thankfully, that seems to be working pretty well.  If she does start whining again, I'll put her in her crib for 2 minutes, and then when I go get her she'll start giggling and saying, "happy!" (like, I'm ready to be happy now!) 
She's still really independent and plays so well by herself, but also LOVES her friends and loves being with people! We've been working on shapes and colors.  She knows semi-circle (my favorite! haha!), circle, crescent, triangle, diamond, heart, star, oval, and usually octagon.  With colors, she knows green, yellow, brown, pink, red, orange, and sometimes purple. She can also count to 10! So proud of my little student! :) I love teaching her things and then watching them click one day! Oh, and she's really into singing these days. Her favorites are Jesus Loves Me, Row Row Row your boat, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Ring Around the Rosie, and ABC's.  I LOVE hearing her little voice try to remember these songs and pull out random words from them. 
She absolutely, 100% melts our hearts every single day. John David and I can't get over how much we love her and are so thankful for her! Here are a few more shots of our little love...
 REALLY into Play-Doh these days!!
 She held these up and said, "eyes!" :)
 She loves getting in our bed to snuggle and watch TV. :)
Still my favorite...fresh out of the tub, PJ's on, looking at books before bed. :)

So, now we're just going to soak up this last month with a 1 year old and look forward to continuing watching our baby girl grow up! :)

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  1. hey mindy! I've been blog stalking you for a while and thought i would come out of hiding! your little girl is so cute!