Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Baby Max is here!!

John and Julia had their sweet baby boy this past Thursday! It was SUCH a special day, and I'm so thankful I got to be there to be a part of it! What JOY it was to see John and Julia welcome their first son and to see Annie become a big sister! We are praising the Lord for this good gift!!
 Here's big cousin and big sister waiting in the waiting room for the arrival of Max!
 silly girls eating their paleo muffins :)
 And he's here!! Everyone gathered around to see his cute little self through the window. It was love at first sight!!
 Proud, sweet Daddy with Max's little footprints on his scrubs.
 The nurse held him up for Big Sister to see. She kept saying, "I want to hold him!"
 PRECIOUS Mommy getting to hold him for the first time...such a sweet, teary moment!!!
 Could NOT get over how gorgeous and calm Julia was after her C-Section!! Definitely not how I looked or felt after mine!! She's such a sweet little Mommy!!
 Annie getting to hold her little brother for the first time.  As they handed him to her, she sweetly looked at John and said, "I'm not going to hit him and I'm not going to growl." HAHA! Good plan, Annie!

 2 proud Aunts!!
 Please notice the Dora stickers Lyla stuck on his swaddle blanket, and she was trying to put one on his face. Watch out, Max, for this crazy big cousin of yours!! 

 Check out that awesome hair!!

 Family of Four!
 Lyla played LOTS of her "Monkey Game" while we hung out the hospital! She's getting really good at it! Puzzles, matching games, letters, counting...it's educational, right??
 Oldest Cousin holding the Youngest Cousin :)

 Uncle John David got in late Friday night and finally got to meet the little guy on Saturday!
 They bonded quickly.

We miss you already Max!

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