Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cat's out of the bag...

Well, I've decided to make our EXCITING NEWS officially public...

On June 30th, the day before we left for Seaside, I woke up to this HAPPY SIGHT!!!
I called the Dr. right away, and they wanted me to come in for bloodwork, after the complications I had in January. So, I went that afternoon, and my progesterone and hormone levels came back really high, which they said was a GREAT sign! So, we headed to Seaside the next day and happily shared our news with John David's family.

I went to see the Dr. at 7 weeks and 3 days pregnant, and we got to see a strong, healthy heartbeat! Praise the Lord!!!

Overall, I have felt great! I've had the typical exhaustion and lack of energy, the occasional queasy tummy (usually at night), and I've mostly been STARVING non-stop. I literally have to snack every hour! But, I'll gladly eat all day long over throwing up! I'm super thankful for an easy and non-eventful first trimester! 

I tried to take weekly belly pics with Lyla and then accidentally erased them ALL off my camera! Grrr! So, the only pics I have with her in my belly are at the end of my pregnancy.  Therefore, I'm really going to try to document the progress with this one since I regret not having those to look back on. I can't wait to watch this belly grow!! :)

(these first 2 pics are blurry because I used my iphone...but you get the idea.)
10 weeks

11 weeks
(don't you love Lyla fussing for me to hold her? Uh oh...already getting jealous.) :)

12 weeks

I went to the Dr. again today for my 12 week check up and we got to HEAR the heartbeat! This is the appointment I've really been eager to get over with because it was about this far along that I found out I lost the other baby.  So, let me tell you, it was a HUGE relief to hear that sweet heartbeat at 12 weeks! (although I felt like it took about 10 minutes for him to find it! Talk about nervous!) But, we are praising God for this gift and for His PERFECT TIMING!!! I know without a doubt that there's a reason we lost the other baby, and that God has great plans for this sweet little life in my belly now! I'm due around March 2nd, so Lyla will be almost 2 1/2, which I really think will be a great age difference. I don't think she has a clue that there's a baby in my belly, even though I tell her all the time! I do think it helps that she's seen Stella and Annie become big sisters recently, so she'll tell me she wants to be a big sister like them. :) 

Please join us in praying for this sweet little nugget! :)


  1. MINDY!!!! YEA!!!!! I couldn't be ANY more excited for you guys!! I'll be praying for that little one and thanks for sharing the news with all of us! :)

  2. YOU ARE THE.CUTEST.THING! Please give me your arms this second. I said please?!?! Love your little barely tummy pooch and love the one doing the pooching! So thrilled for such a great Dr. appt today! That is a HUGE relief finding and hearing the heartbeat. Weird that it won't ever stop beating until they're like 95 years old now. we hope!! ha. I LOVE YOU and MISS YOU! By the way, how cute did you look for your appointment little Sassy?! Give Lyla girl smooches from her favorite Aunt Whit!

  3. Oh my goodness! I'm in a rush and can't read all the words right now, but you look gorgeous, and I'm so incredibly happy for you all!!! We will add you to our "baby prayers" list.

  4. YAY!!! I'm SO happy for you guys Mindy!! I have been thinking about you lately and wondering if you were pregnant :)? So thankful for a healthy pregnancy. I will be praying for you and that sweet baby. Miss seeing you!

  5. YAHOOO!!!! I have a big smile on my face and am just SO happy for you guys!!

  6. You're HUGE! You're as big as the moon I'm over for you. Does that make sense? I'm using a literary device called irony because you're so tiny. See?

  7. So happy for you, Mindy! This is very exciting news! Oh, what a blessing!!

  8. yay! congrats Mindy! I just now got caught up on blog reading from my sickies last week. So happy for you!

  9. We are so excited for you guys and God's perfect timing!