Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Happy Birthday John David!!

We had THE most fun day yesterday celebrating my sweet hubby's birthday!! I think Lyla was more excited than anyone. For about a week, I'd been telling her that Daddy was about to have a birthday. The second she heard the word "birthday" she excitedly said, "party! cake! ice cream! presents!" I think the girl has the concept down! So, every day since then, she's been asking if it was Daddy's birthday yet! haha! So, yesterday the day finally arrived.  John David had pulled 2 all-nighters between Saturday and Tuesday working SO hard on a project.  He got home Monday night at 2 am.  So, thankfully he got to sleep in yesterday! As soon as Lyla and I got up, I hung a birthday banner and told her that the day had arrived and she was SO excited!! She kept saying, "birthday Dada!" and pointing to the banner with excitement. We then made John David his favorite Paleo muffins for breakfast. When he woke up about 9:30, he got some GREAT birthday snuggles from his girl...

 Then we ate our delicious breakfast (really more like brunch!!) 

John David worked 1/2 a day, and then when he got home we went to Walker Brothers to buy him some new shorts for his birthday.  He needs new shorts desperately since he's lost almost 60 pounds!! SO PROUD OF HIM!!! As you can see from this blog, he looks amazing! :) And we SCORED at Walker Brothers! All their summer stuff was 75% off so we got him 2 pairs of shorts, 2 pairs of pants, and 3 shirts for what I thought we were going to spend on 1 or 2 pairs of shorts! We were thrilled! And, of course, he looks so darn cute in his new wardrobe. :)

After our fun shopping spree, we picked up pizzas for his pool party at our neighborhood pool! It was a blast! I think about 40 people were there because John David is SO LOVED. We ate pizza and cake, and just relaxed in the pool with some of our favorite people.  It was truly the perfect night.

 Sawyer was showing me that he got his cast off that day! WOO HOO!! That's reason in and of itself to have a party!! He's been such a trooper the past 8 weeks with that thing!

all the kiddos eyeing the cake :)
 washing down her cupcake with a capri sun :)

 reading his birthday card from Presley :)
 And then Easton wanted his picture with the Birthday Boy, too. So sweet.
signs of a GREAT pool party!

Happy Birthday John David! We love you SO much! So thankful for your life!! :)

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