Tuesday, August 23, 2011

More cousin time in Dallas

When we weren't at the hospital visiting Max, we were hanging out with the rest of our cousins!
 Eating Dinner at Amores, one of our favorite Italian places. Suckers to the rescue for these 2 busy bees!

 Craft time with Olivia (or as Lyla likes to call her, "Fee Fee"!! I'm having an identity crisis.)
 sweet faces watching Fresh Beat Band
 I'm so thankful I got to go to Meet The Teacher with Olivia while I was there!! My heart NEEDED to see where she'll be every day, and to meet her teacher and see her school.  I approve!! The school seems awesome with tons of sweet kids and families. She had her first day of Kindergarten yesterday, and she did GREAT! I was even emotional about it, and I'm just the aunt! Just SO proud of sweet Olivia and the GREAT job her parents have done to prepare her to "go out into the world." She's going to be a bright light for Jesus for sure!! Love you so much Livi!!!
 sweet little girls watching a video. I love these faces.
 And I discovered my new favorite burger place!! Mooyah. You can get iceberg lettuce as your buns! And the french fries are to.die.for. I definitely made up for the carbs I missed out on in my bun with those babies!
The whole crew enjoying our burgers and fries!
(minus Hoopy and Max of course...they were still at the hospital! And Papo was taking the picture.)

And, our last night there, John David and I got to enjoy a YUMMY meal with just my mom! John David grilled these steaks and they were delicious!! Move over Ruth's Chris! Seriously! Such a fun night.

Love you guys SO much!!! Thanks for such a great weekend!!

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