Friday, August 12, 2011

Pleroo Fundraiser

If you've followed this blog for a while, then you probably know all about our "foster child", Benji. :) He lived with us for a while last Fall, and while living here, felt God's calling to go to Africa.  It was such a treat to be a part of the process of seeing God wrestle with his heart, and then seeing him have the obedience and faith to go. After Christmas, he bought a one way ticket to Uganda. During his 2 months there, the Lord gave him the idea and passion for the Pleroo Ministry. (Click on that link to find out more about it!) He's now back in Fayetteville to get this ministry up and running and to raise support so that he can go back full time to serve in Jinja, Uganda. He has seen a real need there to minister to the men in Uganda, and I'm fired up to see how God is going to use him to fulfill that need! 

So, this past Thursday night, John David and the rest of the Board Members helped Benji put together a fundraising dinner.  The Baders SO graciously offered their barn to host it, and there was such a great turn out of incredible friends there to hear all about Benji's heart for Uganda. It was truly a special and fun night!

 The Baileys and Wings (2 couples from our community group) enjoying some yummy BBQ! 
 How awesome is this place?? And there was a whole room next store FILLED with toys for the kids to run around and play in while Benji did his presentation. 
 This Father/Son Duo offered up their unbelievable BBQ for the evening. They own a company called "Boys Can Smoke" and it was truly some of the best BBQ I've ever had!! Lyla and I BOTH had 2 full plates! YUMMY!!
Benji making the rounds :)

If you are looking for a ministry to be involved in, PLEASE check out Pleroo's website and find out more about it and how you can support Benji!

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