Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Porter is here!

One week ago today, our friends Kyle and Haley had their little boy Porter! He is seriously SO stinkin' adorable and we are already in love with him! Those 2 make some CUTE kids!
visiting them in the hospital...first time to hold him
 Then, on Friday night, we took them dinner and hung out for a little bit...
 Lyla and Stella took care of their baby dolls all night while Haley took care of Porter. SO cute!
 And then they loved on the real baby doll for a while...

I'm pretty sure they love him! Who can blame them? He's super sweet and just look at that head of hair!!


  1. These pictures are adorable!!! I always look at pictures of Lyla and have SUCH a hard time imagining that's Reese in a year! What sweet little friends Lyla and Stella are. So cute!

  2. LOVE - this made my heart happy! :)