Monday, August 29, 2011

What a great weekend!

Starting with Friday night...GiGi and Bop came in town to deliver an early birthday present for Lyla!! Bop spent like 8 hours or something crazy putting together all 500 pieces of this kitchen, so needless to say, they were anxious to get it to Lyla after all their hard work! They drove down from Texarkana for the special delivery, and Lyla got to wake up Saturday morning to this...
(with some new princess PJ's that she's obsessed with, and some new princess panties for the big girl)
 Let me just tell you that it has changed my life already. It's ALL she wants to play with...from the time she wakes up until the time she goes to sleep. It keeps her so entertained and busy, and I LOVE watching her creative little imagination at work! The very first thing she did when she saw it was grab a cup, take it to the water dispenser on the fridge, fill it with pretend water, and then "accidentally" spill it all over herself as she took a sip! haha!! 

 oh hey! I'm just talking on the phone while I do a little cooking in my cute new PJ's and slippers!

After we played with the kitchen, we enjoyed a yummy breakfast at Susan's in Springdale, then we rushed around like crazy working on Lyla's big girl room...moving things to the new nursery, cleaning out, making room for her kitchen, etc.  I think "nesting" is already kicking in!

Saturday afternoon, our good friends Heather and Kelly and their 8 week old little Lucy came in town from Texarkana as well! Jana and Russell headed back to T-town while we took the Carrs to all our favorite Fayetteville shops and then ate a yummy dinner at Greenhouse Grill! 

Sunday morning, we went to church and Lyla looked pretty darn cute in her little flower clip that my mom MADE! :) (check out their blog for all the cute things she and my sister make!!)

After church, lunch, and a failed attempt at a nap for Lyla, we headed out to the river so the boys could do some kayaking and the girls could cheer them on and relax in the beauty...
 This is where we perched for a couple hours and just let our feet soak in the water while we watched the guys do rolls and all their fancy tricks. 
 I thought Lyla would want to swim and play, but she was perfectly content just sitting on mommy's lap or in this chair the entire time...eating snacks. :) In fact, she didn't even want her feet to touch the water. So unlike her. Maybe it was the lack of nap. Or the 2 snakes we saw swimming by our feet. Either way, glad she was able to just chill out with the rest of the ladies and babies...

 Lucy's first Kayak ride!!
(before you call CPS, Kelly was right next to her...he just moved away so I could snap a pic!)  :)
 Lyla ended the day throwing rocks with Daniel. She LOVES him! Flirted with him all day long.

 And she even pee peed in the potty while we were there...and threw rocks WHILE she peed. Multi-tasking.

And now for a little photo shoot with Lyla and Lucy before they leave...
 Lucy will be running around with Lyla in no time!

 Lyla really was so sweet to her...made me so excited to see her as a big sister!!
And one family photo before they hit the road! 
Thanks for coming Kelly, Heather, and Lucy!! 
We love y'all!

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