Friday, September 30, 2011

Supper Club, Stickers, and Picnics...

That's how we've been spending our days lately. :) 

Our friends, Kristin and Steven, had a group over for a tailgating themed dinner the other night. They grilled hotdogs and burgers, and everyone else brought their favorite tailgating treat. It was such a great way to do a big group dinner, and something we should do more often! Plus, this was a group of friends that we love but we rarely get to see because they are on the other side of town.  So, it was a treat to spend time with them and all their cute little kiddos.  It was a madhouse...but a happy madhouse. :)
 Haven reading to Lyla, Leah Kate, and Eden. :)

 The unbelievable treats Ellen Hillis brought for all the kiddos! So cute!

 Lyla and Eden obviously enjoyed them.

 All the kids chowing down on their treats.

I've been in major clean out mode lately...told you, nesting has already kicked in. And I found a box of  my old "teacher stuff" the other day, with tons of stickers. Jackpot! Countless hours of entertainment for sweet Lyla...

So proud of her masterpiece...

Also, we've been SOAKING UP this gorgeous weather!!! Like upper 60's, lower 70's kind of weather! I keep having to remind myself that this will not be here for long! So, we spend most of our days going on walks, feeding the ducks, playing at the park, playing with the neighborhood kids outside, and eating lots of picnics! :) Lyla is really into picnics these days and asks for one every day. It started last Saturday when John David and I packed a lunch and took it to Wilson Park and told her we were going on a picnic. So, I'm pretty sure we've eaten our lunch outside almost every day this week. Once at the park, once on the chickfila patio, and twice in our own backyard... 

 She was so excited to see what was in the bag.
 A Capri Sun...SCORE!!
I'm hoping this continues to be a daily tradition until it's too cold. It's the sweetest time ever. Today, we sang every song she knows. She called the hogs a few times. And, after almost every bite, she would say "mmmmmm....De-Wicious!" while she rubs her tummy. hahaha!!! 

So, there's a little glimpse into our week...and now Happy Friday everyone!! We are looking forward to Bikes, Blues, and BBQ, watching the Razorback game on Saturday, and the Tulsa Zoo on lots of pics to come, I'm sure! :)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

84% chance

I had my 16 week check up this morning, and I talked my dr. into doing an early ultrasound. :) He did warn me that it may be too early to tell, but he gladly agreed to take a look just for fun. I was so excited/nervous! First of all, it was just SUCH a comforting feeling to see that little nugget moving all around in there! :) I was praying so hard that the baby would move in such a way that we could tell what it was, and it did give us a pretty good view...although it was still so hard to tell! We kept thinking we saw a little something, but then it would start moving and we decided it was probably the umbilical cord. After looking and waiting and looking some more, my Dr. finally said, " I think it's a girl." I said, "Wait...what do you mean, you think?? Like, give me a percentage." And he said 84%. Ha! He said it's still so early that we may just not be able to pick up on a boy part, but he wasn't seeing one...and we did see the "three lines" a few times that would indicate a girl.  For some reason, John David was really good at reading the ultrasound! He kept seeing things that I wasn't seeing. My Dr. said he was going to call John David in when he needed extra help reading them. haha! And according to John David, he's 95% sure it's a girl! :) For some reason, we both kinda had a feeling all along that it was going to be a girl...and even though we would LOVE a little boy, we are both SO thrilled!! (yes, even John David is still excited!) I've truly found myself so giddy at the thought of it all day long. Just knowing how much I LOVE my sister and she's my very best friend in the entire world and I have a bond with her like I will never have with anyone else, makes me SO happy that Lyla is going to get a little sister!!!! Oh, and of course the fact that someone else will get to wear all of Lyla's cute clothes again. :)

Sweet Haley watched Lyla for us while we went to the appointment, and when we went to pick her up, I said, "Lyla, you are going to have a little sister!" and her face lit up in the most precious way and she got so excited. Melt my heart. Of course, we will still do a 20 week ultrasound in a little less than a month to confirm...and if it does end up being a boy, we will obviously be just as pumped up! But, for now, I'll be dreaming about the 84% chance that I'll have two precious little girls running around our house in their matching princess pj's and playing pretend together. :)

After we picked up Lyla, I was really in the mood to celebrate our fun news. Plus the rainy, cold weather made me want some coffee and something sweet. So what better place to satisfy my cravings than Rick's Bakery?? Lyla did not complain. And neither did John David. :)

She's going to be the best big sister!! I bet she'll even share her doughnut. Well, maybe. :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

2 year stats

We just got home from Lyla's 2 year well-check at the dr. This was the best shot I could get of her on my iphone while we waited. :) She was not the most patient 2 year old as we waited on the dr. to come in, so it was a lollipop to the rescue! I'd brought it to comfort her after her shots, but I was so happy to find out that she didn't need any shots this time around! YAY! Although we did decide to do a little nasal spray flu shot. It was so easy...she was a trooper. So, Lyla at 2 years old...

Weight: 26 pounds
Height: 33 inches

Which means she's gained about a pound and grown about an inch and a half since her 18 month check up. Little growing girl. I still can't believe my baby girl is 2 years old!! Katie and I were watching Lyla and Sawyer play last night, just giggling away and being so darn cute. We both decided we want to put a brick on their heads because they are at such a fun age! K, just wanted to document these stats because I know I'll forget! :)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Big Girl Bed

About a week ago, we moved Lyla into her big girl bed. It was right when we returned from the Ranch celebrating her birthday.  I just told her, "Lyla, now that you're 2 and you use the big girl potty, it's time to move you to a big girl bed!" It seemed like a good time for the transition since she really was feeling so big all of a sudden. Plus, I wanted to give her lots of time to get adjusted to it before the new baby comes. She was SO excited!! I've had my eye on this bedding for quite sometime, so thanks to the help of lots of generous and thoughtful family, this was her BIG birthday present this year...her new bedding. And I could not love it more! It makes me so happy and fits her existing room perfectly. 

I'm loving our new bedtime routine, too. After bath, PJ's, teeth brushed, and a try at the potty, we snuggle in with her piggy and passy, turn on the lamp and sound machine, and I crawl right in with her to read a few books. Then we say our prayers and kiss goodnight. It's my favorite time of day! She's so sweet and snuggly, and that bed is SO comfy I have to pry myself out every time.

 Her newest obsession is this "Hello Big Red" book about the University of Arkansas. We read it 100 times a day!! "'Back Book!" is what she calls it. :) And she calls the hogs through the whole book.
How sweet is she snuggled in her big bed? :)
 Daddy's turn to put her to bed!
 Although this is how I find him when it's his turn...he can't quite pry himself away. And I don't blame him!

And now for a few shots of the bed all made up! :)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Celebrating Continued...Hog Style.

On Friday night, my birthday celebration continued at our friends Mark and Jenessa's house. They had a Razorback themed party to get game day weekend started right! :) Most of our community group was there and it was the perfect way to celebrate! They have an awesome playroom upstairs, so Lyla was thoroughly entertained and happy all night! 

some of the guys out on the patio
most of our community group girls (plus Kara) :)
It was Mark's Dad's birthday too so they had a cake for us! SO sweet!! 
The host and the hubs

This is her "cheese" face! So intense.

Yesterday, we woke up and sang happy birthday to Lyla! She was utterly confused as to why we were singing this considering we've already fully celebrated her birthday, but we gave her another cupcake anyway. She didn't complain.

Then we headed to the Pit to tailgate! It was cold and rainy all day long, but thankfully by the time we got there it was just cold. No rain. We ate some delicious tailgating food, and then Lyla and John David headed off to go down ON the field before the game!!! John William got a bunch of passes for family, and I was SO excited for Lyla to experience this treat on her special day! 
See ya Mom! I'm going to meet Boss Hog and Big Red!

They were SO giddy to be down on the field...just danced and giggled away!
showing off Daddy's pass

While John David and Lyla were on the field, I went ahead and went to our seats, which were on the 50 yard line, and way far down, a birthday gift to Lyla from GiGi and Bop!! (THANK YOU!!!) So, I just watched John David and Lyla from my seat. Pretty sure I had a HUGE smile on my face, and even teared up at one point watching her!! She was having so much fun, and I knew she was just so happy...which of course, makes her mommy happy! :) I mean, getting a picture with the pom squad was like meeting celebrities to her!! So, I think it's safe to say that Lyla had a GREAT 2nd birthday! We only stayed one quarter because it was pretty chilly and Lyla started to get a little stir crazy, but it was SO worth it for the pre-game experience!

So, birthday weekend at our house comes to an end! It sure was fun while it lasted! :)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Flirty, Thirty, and Thriving

Where did that phrase come from anyway? ha! Couldn't help but use it since I'm officially THIRTY today!! And I still feel like I could throw on my high school cheerleading uniform and perform at the RHS pep rally today! (although I bet I'd be really sore tomorrow.) Anyway, I realize that my big day isn't nearly over and there's way more fun to come, but it's already been absolutely the BEST birthday ever!!! Starting with last weekend...I got to celebrate with my sweet family out at the Ranch and open lots of fun and thoughtful gifts from them. Then, last night, we went to dinner at one of my favorite Fayetteville restaurants, Greenhouse Grille, with some of my favorite people! It was us, Henrys, Coles, Nicodemus', John William, Harris', and Kramers. SUCH a fun group! I feel so blessed. Then, sweet Katie had everyone over for dessert at her house afterward. And, of course, made it so cute and special...

 I told her like a week ago that I'd been craving fruit pizza, so she made these delicious mini fruit pizzas.
 so cute!
 not so cute. but funny. :)
LOVE these girls!

Then, this morning, John David made me scrambled eggs and a smoothie and I enjoyed being able to spend the morning with him and Lyla! A rarity. Whenever he left for work, I headed to Katie's for a little playdate with Sawyer, and Haley and Stella. 

When I got there, she surprised me with a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks. YUMMY!

and Lyla made me a masterpiece for my Bday. 

Then, we headed over to the Pi Phi house for some CHICKEN FINGER FRIDAY!
Talk about making my birthday extra special!! My heart still is so happy whenever I step foot in that house! SO many fun memories!! John David, Phil, and Richard met me, Kaleigh, and Kristen up there and I got to see a lot of my Bible Study girls as well. It was so fun! Lyla is so popular and well taken care of every time we're there.  I love it.
My delicious lunch!! It's even better than when I lived in the house.
Now, before you judge me, I did share this plate with Lyla.
(although I'm pretty sure I downed most of it myself.)

which is why this is what my belly looked like when I got home! :)
15 weeks today!! 
And I feel like it officially "popped" this week!

(as compared to last week...14 weeks): 

I'm feeling very loved, blessed, and thankful today! So far, 30 isn't so bad after all! :)