Thursday, September 22, 2011

84% chance

I had my 16 week check up this morning, and I talked my dr. into doing an early ultrasound. :) He did warn me that it may be too early to tell, but he gladly agreed to take a look just for fun. I was so excited/nervous! First of all, it was just SUCH a comforting feeling to see that little nugget moving all around in there! :) I was praying so hard that the baby would move in such a way that we could tell what it was, and it did give us a pretty good view...although it was still so hard to tell! We kept thinking we saw a little something, but then it would start moving and we decided it was probably the umbilical cord. After looking and waiting and looking some more, my Dr. finally said, " I think it's a girl." I said, "Wait...what do you mean, you think?? Like, give me a percentage." And he said 84%. Ha! He said it's still so early that we may just not be able to pick up on a boy part, but he wasn't seeing one...and we did see the "three lines" a few times that would indicate a girl.  For some reason, John David was really good at reading the ultrasound! He kept seeing things that I wasn't seeing. My Dr. said he was going to call John David in when he needed extra help reading them. haha! And according to John David, he's 95% sure it's a girl! :) For some reason, we both kinda had a feeling all along that it was going to be a girl...and even though we would LOVE a little boy, we are both SO thrilled!! (yes, even John David is still excited!) I've truly found myself so giddy at the thought of it all day long. Just knowing how much I LOVE my sister and she's my very best friend in the entire world and I have a bond with her like I will never have with anyone else, makes me SO happy that Lyla is going to get a little sister!!!! Oh, and of course the fact that someone else will get to wear all of Lyla's cute clothes again. :)

Sweet Haley watched Lyla for us while we went to the appointment, and when we went to pick her up, I said, "Lyla, you are going to have a little sister!" and her face lit up in the most precious way and she got so excited. Melt my heart. Of course, we will still do a 20 week ultrasound in a little less than a month to confirm...and if it does end up being a boy, we will obviously be just as pumped up! But, for now, I'll be dreaming about the 84% chance that I'll have two precious little girls running around our house in their matching princess pj's and playing pretend together. :)

After we picked up Lyla, I was really in the mood to celebrate our fun news. Plus the rainy, cold weather made me want some coffee and something sweet. So what better place to satisfy my cravings than Rick's Bakery?? Lyla did not complain. And neither did John David. :)

She's going to be the best big sister!! I bet she'll even share her doughnut. Well, maybe. :)


  1. I LOVE my sisters:)! Sorry to give you false hope but how precious are those Blagg girls going to be?!

  2. How exciting! Lyla will be a great big sister!

  3. my sisters are my best excited for your growing family! Love you all bunches, Kathryn

  4. AHHHH!!!! I am SOOO excited! Lyla will be an amazing sister! I love that we are both having GIRLS! They will be great friends of course :0)