Monday, September 19, 2011

Big Girl Bed

About a week ago, we moved Lyla into her big girl bed. It was right when we returned from the Ranch celebrating her birthday.  I just told her, "Lyla, now that you're 2 and you use the big girl potty, it's time to move you to a big girl bed!" It seemed like a good time for the transition since she really was feeling so big all of a sudden. Plus, I wanted to give her lots of time to get adjusted to it before the new baby comes. She was SO excited!! I've had my eye on this bedding for quite sometime, so thanks to the help of lots of generous and thoughtful family, this was her BIG birthday present this year...her new bedding. And I could not love it more! It makes me so happy and fits her existing room perfectly. 

I'm loving our new bedtime routine, too. After bath, PJ's, teeth brushed, and a try at the potty, we snuggle in with her piggy and passy, turn on the lamp and sound machine, and I crawl right in with her to read a few books. Then we say our prayers and kiss goodnight. It's my favorite time of day! She's so sweet and snuggly, and that bed is SO comfy I have to pry myself out every time.

 Her newest obsession is this "Hello Big Red" book about the University of Arkansas. We read it 100 times a day!! "'Back Book!" is what she calls it. :) And she calls the hogs through the whole book.
How sweet is she snuggled in her big bed? :)
 Daddy's turn to put her to bed!
 Although this is how I find him when it's his turn...he can't quite pry himself away. And I don't blame him!

And now for a few shots of the bed all made up! :)


  1. I've always loved that bedding, too! That new bedtime routine is so, so sweet it almost made my eyes water a little. So now I know what we will be doing in less than a year now...potty training and big girl bed. I like following you!

  2. the room is great and the bedding is perfect, you did a great job coordinating everything!

  3. How fun! That is the toddler version of Brooke's bedding! I got her the crib set! :) I LOVE it! We have good taste! :)