Thursday, September 15, 2011

Blaggin' Wagon

You just never know what John David is going to pull into our garage...
Meet our new toy. :)

It's a 1972 VW Bus. Yep, that's right. Our inner hippies are squealing with joy. We are going to be fixing this baby up and taking it camping every weekend to the Buffalo, going to all kinds of Bluegrass Festivals, and creating lots of amazing memories for our kids! :) At least, that's the plan. 

It actually belongs to our good buddy, BHill, but he's needing to get rid of it because he's moving to DC, then possibly to Africa. So, we gladly volunteered to take it off his hands. :)

 It has a pop up camper with a canvas/cot thing for you to sleep in! Although I'll be sleeping on the comfy fold out leather seats in the back.
 GIDDY boy!!

 oh hey! Just hanging out in the back at our little table where we'll be playing tons of cards and bananagrams on our camping trips. :)

 DL testing out the cot in the front. He seriously asked his dad to go get his pillow and blanket. He didn't want to leave.
So, here's to hoping this thing doesn't become a big ole money pit! That's the only thing I'm worried about. But, overall, it really does excite me to think of all the fun memories our family could have in it! 
Already, everytime we pull into the garage Lyla wants to get in it and play. And it's torture to get her out of it! So, if nothing else, it can become a playhouse for her! :) 

Thanks BHill!!

P.S. Today is my last day in my 20's!!! I'm gonna live it up!!!!!

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  1. Another friend of mine has a VW wagon camper, and it looks so fun! Good luck, and happy trails! Oh, and happy 2nd birthday to Lyla on Saturday (and happy 1st to Reese the next day!). Oh, and happy birthday to YOU tomorrow! Fun week! Make sure to fill us in on all the festivities and maybe soon we can have a play date...this weather is finding me outside as much as possible these days!