Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Celebrating Continued...Hog Style.

On Friday night, my birthday celebration continued at our friends Mark and Jenessa's house. They had a Razorback themed party to get game day weekend started right! :) Most of our community group was there and it was the perfect way to celebrate! They have an awesome playroom upstairs, so Lyla was thoroughly entertained and happy all night! 

some of the guys out on the patio
most of our community group girls (plus Kara) :)
It was Mark's Dad's birthday too so they had a cake for us! SO sweet!! 
The host and the hubs

This is her "cheese" face! So intense.

Yesterday, we woke up and sang happy birthday to Lyla! She was utterly confused as to why we were singing this considering we've already fully celebrated her birthday, but we gave her another cupcake anyway. She didn't complain.

Then we headed to the Pit to tailgate! It was cold and rainy all day long, but thankfully by the time we got there it was just cold. No rain. We ate some delicious tailgating food, and then Lyla and John David headed off to go down ON the field before the game!!! John William got a bunch of passes for family, and I was SO excited for Lyla to experience this treat on her special day! 
See ya Mom! I'm going to meet Boss Hog and Big Red!

They were SO giddy to be down on the field...just danced and giggled away!
showing off Daddy's pass

While John David and Lyla were on the field, I went ahead and went to our seats, which were on the 50 yard line, and way far down, a birthday gift to Lyla from GiGi and Bop!! (THANK YOU!!!) So, I just watched John David and Lyla from my seat. Pretty sure I had a HUGE smile on my face, and even teared up at one point watching her!! She was having so much fun, and I knew she was just so happy...which of course, makes her mommy happy! :) I mean, getting a picture with the pom squad was like meeting celebrities to her!! So, I think it's safe to say that Lyla had a GREAT 2nd birthday! We only stayed one quarter because it was pretty chilly and Lyla started to get a little stir crazy, but it was SO worth it for the pre-game experience!

So, birthday weekend at our house comes to an end! It sure was fun while it lasted! :)

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