Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A few randoms...

Lyla's become quite the little snuggle bug lately, which is so unlike her, but I'm LOVING it...

 Labor Day weekend, we went to Wilson Park with the Younts and the Henrys. (after our attempt to go to the fair only to find out it had shut down that day! So sad.) So, we picked up Einstein Bro. for dinner (healthier than funnel cakes and fried twinkies, I guess) and just had a little picnic at the park instead. We still thoroughly enjoyed the gorgeous weather and the fun company at the park! (after Lyla got over not getting to see the "horsies") :)
 But, hey! They got to see a ladybug on Andrew's hand! That's just as cool, right??
 And, might I add that this was unsolicited on our part...these two just grabbed hands and walked off to play together.
 little cuties...they love each other so much.

Then, on Labor Day, we walked over to Clay and Lee's for homemade buttermilk pancakes. They were delicious!! John David and Clay fried up some sausage and bacon, served with a side of fresh fruit...and we started out our Labor Day RIGHT!

After playing outside with the Mortons for a little bit, we headed to the house to wash our cars.
 Lyla had a BLAST helping Daddy!

And, now for just some random Lyla shots...
Sporting her new cute outfit and my attempt at a ponytail :)

 Don't you watch TV like this?

My car battery died last week, and once again, Lyla jumped at the chance to be Daddy's little helper to fix it. So cute. Too bad she got a tool stuck in some important compartment. Oh well, memories, right?

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